Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just a Number

Most of us are our own worst critic.  I know I am as are most of the people I know.  I'm either too fat, weight to much, run to slow, eat to much or whatever seems to be the current topic of my discontent. A couple of weeks ago, I had to make the conscious decision to remove my scale from the bathroom and put it in a place that I wouldn't step on it every time I walked by........I put it in the garage, on the shelf.  (I just couldn't bring myself to throw away a $60 scale).  I had become obsessed with the 'number' on the scale.  I don't know why or how it became such an obsession but I found myself stepping on it 2,3 and sometime 4 times in a day hoping that I would see some kind of improvement from the time before.  Needless to say, I wasn't getting the 'number' results that I wanted and it would literally ruin my whole day.  So, the scale has been banished and I can honestly say that I have only made the trip to the garage (across the apartment parking lot) 3 times in as many weeks. 

I still haven't seen the results I would like to see, I have learned not to dwell on the 'number' the scale reads.  There are OTHER numbers I am beginning to focus on.  16 for example........the number of months since I quit smoking.  7.....the number of minutes I was able to take off of my 5k time in 7 months.  13....the number of miles I can run when only 12 months ago I could barely walk 3 miles.  6...the number of inches I have lost in my waist.  11.....the number of months until the 1st 1/2 Ironman distance triathlon I'm going to train for.  22....the number of months until what I hope will be my first Ironman. 

There are so many other 'numbers' by which we can measure ourselves without ever stepping foot on the scale.  That isn't to say that the 50lbs that I've lost since January, 2006----25ish since February, 2010 don't mean anything.  Nor does it mean that I don't want to take off that final 30lbs BUT there are definitely other 'numbers' that mean just as much and probably more. 


  1. Love your posts - they're so inspiring! I wish I had your drive and energy to keep up my training like you do! Another number to remember - 2011. The 2ND year we're gonna rock it out with triathlons and marathons. Yes, Marathons. Chicago - here we come!

  2. Well said! Maybe I need to take the same attitude this week. Not with my scale but with many other things I have accomplished. Thanks for the reminder!!